This site is maintained by Paul.  A project studio enthusiast and product evangelist.

Paul studied music technology and sound recording at University of North London (now London Metropolitan University) and Islington Music Workshop (IMW).

Paul worked as an electronics testing and approvals engineer for 11 years. Previous to this he worked as a electronics QA inspection and testing engineer at a speaker and telecoms manufacturer for 4 years.

Paul has been playing with music technology since the early 90’s.

A course in music technology in high school and electronic music from likes of the Aphex Twin, Plaid, The Black Dog, Luke Vibert and Jazzanova inspired Paul to put together his own project studio. This project studio has evolved over the years, and with the available technology.

He now works on a relatively modest music set-up based around an Apple iMac. A long way from Cakewalk, a Roland RAP-10 and his first IBM 386!

Retro Roland Soundcard

Humble beginnings - The Roland RAP-10 - My First Soundcard

Paul plays guitar, bass, keyboards and programs his drums.

Paul now enjoys using his experience to help others with their electronic music set ups, computer problems and music tech mishaps.


2 Responses to About Us

  1. Timo Kujala says:

    Hi Paul

    I’m working with STM32F105 microcontroller from ST. I have built a bords which do have four channel D class amplifier connected two I2S interfaces on board. I wopuld like to stream four channel audio from the USB device interface of the CPU. I believe that to be compatible with Windows, Linux and MAC generic audio drivers, I would need an ASIO compatible driver to my USB Audio implementation in STM32F105. I have been trying to look around to see if there are any generic such available as an example code, but I have not been able to find any. Naturally it would be easies if such could be found to any Cortex M3 or ARM7 based device from ST, but if it for any other similar devices from any manufacture, it would be very helpful. Or any microcontroller as far as the implementation is generic and does not require OS.

    Thanks in advance

    Timo Kujala

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Timo

    Thanks for the message.

    Microcontroller development and OS programming are not really my area of expertise.

    I did some quick internet searches. Have you read the datasheets?

    Specifically the application note about the audio codec AN2739 and the streaming demo detailed in section 8 of the UM0424 User manual for the STM32 development kit

    Also, I wonder if this link interests you?

    The Juce plugin development tool which has support for Core Audio and ASIO development wrappers

    Hope this is helpful, but probably what you have already found yourself.

    Let me know how you get on. I’d love to hear about your finished product.

    All the best


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