Apogee Electronics, US based pro audio electronics designer and manufacture have now confirmed their range of USB audio interfaces compatible with iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks (the latest Mac OS X update, available for free!).


Evolving hardware and software

They’ve also been introducing tweaks and improvements across their product range, adding lightening cable options to support the latest iOS hardware.

Other features, such as dedicated hardware control software Maestro, for both Mac laptop/desktop platforms and iOS 7 devices, native iPad charging, MIDI interface hosting and low-latency monitoring are helping push back the boundaries of what can be done with iOS devices.

Use them with Core Audio compatible iOS audio Apps such as AudioBus (multi-App audio routing software for iOS) and the excellent Auria (48-track digital audio recording system for iOS), or many other iOS instrument and audio tools, as well as your Mac based DAW, to enhance your creative potential.

No longer do you have to make the choice between iPad or your Mac computer for your pro audio hardware!

If your not familiar with the latest Apogee range of devices for use with Mac, iPad and iPhone, here’s a round up:

Jam Lightening

Front image of the Apogee Jam USB guitar interface

A USB guitar interface perfect for stashing in your guitar bag.  Perfect if just you want to get your guitar ideas captured to iOS device, or your Mac.


  • 44.1/48 kHz, 24-bit analog-to-digital recording
  • 1 x TRS input for your Mac, iPhone or iPad
  • Gain Control
  • Now available with Lightening, 30-pin dock connector and USB cables



Apogee Jam – Product Page | Apogee

Apogee Jam – Review | Engadget

Apogee Jam | Amazon


Front image of the Apogee MiC USB Microphone

Studio quality USB microphone for iPhone, iPad and Mac. This mic has received much praise for its versatility, ease of use and superb recording results.  Available accessories include: Mic stand adapter, carry case


  • Studio grade cardioid condenser microphone
  • 44.1/48 kHz – 24-bit A-D recording
  • Built-in pre-amp with 40dB of gain
  • Now available with Lightening cable, 30-pin and USB cables


MiC for iPhone, iPad and Mac – Product Page | Apogee Electronics

Apogee MiC – Review | Engadget

Apogee MiC – Review | Wired

Apogee MiC | Amazon

One for iPad and Mac

Front image of the Apogee One 2 in 2 Out USB audio interface with integrated microphone

This 2 in/2 out USB audio interface with built-in USB microphone for use with iPad and Mac, is a newer addition to the Apogee range.

Apogee One is also available as an older Mac only USB variant.


  • 44.1/48kHz – 24-Bit A-D/D-A audio interface
  • Mic/instrument input breakout cable
  • Balance XLR microphone input
  • 48v phantom power
  • Unbalanced ¼” input
  • 1/8″ stereo headphone/line output
  • Multi-function control dial
  • DC power charges iPad


Apogee One – Product Page | Apogee Electronics

Apogee One – Review | Sound on Sound magazine

Apogee One | Amazon


Front image of the Apogee Duet 2 IN x 4 OUT USB audio interface

A 2 in 4 out USB audio interface for iPad and Mac with MIDI I/O. There’s also a breakout box available if you’re not keen on the breakout cable version packaged with the Duet.


  • 24-Bit A-D/D-A conversion up to 192kHz
  • 2 Analog inputs with mic preamps and selectable 48v phantom power
  • MIDI Input and Output
  • Touch Controls and OLED display
  • Multi-function control dial
  • Also compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
  • DC power supplies charge to iPod touch, iPhone or iPad


Duet for iPad and Mac – Product Page | Apogee Electronics

Apogee Duet (2) – Review | Sound on Sound Magazine

Apogee Duet – Review | TheNextWeb

Apogee Duet | Amazon


Front angle image of the Quartet USB audio interface for iPad & Mac<br /><br /><br />

Bridging the gap between the Apogee Duet and thier flagship Apogee Symphony I/O modular audio interface.

The Apogee Quartet provides multiple analogue and digital I/O and a versatile control surface. Quartet is designed to sit at the heart of your DAW set up.


  • 24-Bit A-D/D-A conversion up to 192kHz
  • 4 inputs with studio pre-amps
  • 8 outputs, with independant speaker and phones outputs
  • 3 pairs of speaker monitoring output
  • Multi-function data input dial
  • Touch controls
  • OLED display
  • Low latency monitoring
  • Selectable 48v Phantom Power
  • ADAT/SMUX digital inputs
  • MIDI I/O
  • DC power supplies charge to iPod touch, iPhone or iPad


Quartet for iPad and Mac – Product Page | Apogee Electronics

Apogee Quartet – Review (2012) | Sound on Sound Magazine

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Apogee Quartet | Amazon
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