Front side angle view of the LR16 USB input, headphone output and volume control

The Cymatic Audio LR16 USB multitrack recorder and audio interface is a convenient stand alone multitrack recording solution that also doubles a USB audio interface.

Nominated for ‘Best Hardware Recorder of the Year’ in Sound on Sound’s 2013 SOS Awards, the LR16 offers an interesting and flexible solution for recording live audio.

Boasting immunity to many of the usual hassles of more complex recording setups, due to an elegantly focused design concept. The LR16 should appeal to beginners and pro’s alike.

It certainly has the makings for an ideal backup recorder.

Front view of display and controls of Cymatic Audio LR-16

The front of the LR16 contains a set of straight forward transport controls, together with a backlit LCD display for visual monitoring of signal presence and peak warnings for each of the 16 tracks. There’s also controls either side of the display for navigating the operating system.

Stand alone multichannel recording, without a Computer

The LR16 can operate stand alone, without the need to attach a computer host/DAW.

Simply record your multi-track audio directly to a USB storage device such as a hard drive or memory stick (Note: In order to utilise the LR16’s 24-bit you’ll need to ensure good quality fast USB memory stick should be used)

Unbalanced TRS style input jacks on the reverse of the LR16 allow you to plug in up to 16 analogue audio sources.

There’s also a mixed stereo output that provides zero latency hardware input monitoring, which is also available from the headphone output on the front.

View of connections for the Cymatic Audio LR16

No need to arm your tracks

The LR16 is hard wired to always record all 16 track, so theres no need to worry about arming tracks.

Just hit the record button and it will automatically stream all 16 inputs directly to your USB storage device. Neatly auto-naming and organising each of your tracks and takes.

Built in mixer for tailored monitoring

For a better monitoring experience there’s a built in mixer allowing for level, panning and mute adjustment for each channel. There’s also a 10dB padding switch for each channel that can be controlled globally or individually.

Class Compliant USB audio interface mode

As well as stand alone mode the LR16 can be used as a 24-bit USB audio interface to record and playback audio at sample rates up to 96kHz.

It’s USB audio class compliant, so can be used without drivers on Mac, although PC operation does require installation of ASIO drivers.

With the help of a Apple Camera Adapter Kit you can even attach it to an iPad. Also, because the LR16 has its own power supply, there’s no need to use a powered hub.

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