Since I wrote this article about recording on iPad,  I’ve noticed there is a fair bit of interest in USB audio interfaces for iPad recording with the Apple Camera Kit.

But it’s far from clear which devices will work and which will not.

Until I found this article about the Behringer UMA25S MIDI keyboard (which also has an integrated audio interface) being successfully used to record both MIDI and Audio on the iPad.

Intrigued by this, I decided to do a bit more research.

It seems that there are number of Behringer audio and MIDI devices that work very well with the iPad.

Among the other Behringer devices that work are the UFO202 USB interface, 1204 USB mixer and C-1U USB microphone.

Although it does appear from the video below that most current Behringer audio/MIDI products are USB audio and MIDI ‘Class Compliant’ devices.

Behringer have even made a set of videos to show how easy it is.

Read on to find out more.

Overview of Behringer audio and MIDI products on iPad

How to use iPad for recording vinyl tracks with the BEHRINGER UFO202 USB interface

Behringer USB Phono Interface

As we outlined in a previous article the UFO202 is great if you want to plug in a record deck, because it has a built in Phono pre-amp and ground (GND) connection.  It’s a economical, simple and effective little unit.

You can buy the Behringer UFO202 at Amazon for around £25.

You can also find out more about the UFO202 on Behringers product information page.

It’s also worth noting that the interface is available in 2 other flavours.

The UCA202, which is the same as the UFO202 minus the built-in Phono Preamp and ground connection, but does have a handy optical output.  Or the UCA222 which is the same as the UCA202 but is housed in a funky red case (instead of grey) and comes with a slightly different software bundle, including more than 100 virtual instruments and over 50 effects plug-ins.

How to use iPad for recording an entire band with the BEHRINGER 1204USB Mixer!

USB Mixer

A nice little mixer that can be used to record a stereo mix of your band on iPad via the Apple camera kit.

You can find more specs for the 1204USB on Behringers website.

You can buy the Behringer 1204USB at Amazon for around £130-140.

Which I think is pretty good value for a 12 channel mixer with built in audio interface.

How to use iPad for recording with the BEHRINGER C-1U USB microphone


USB microphone

A condenser microphone that can be used to record podcasts on you iPad via the Apple camera kit.

You can find more specs for the C-1U on Behringers website and can buy the C-1U at Amazon for around £70.

How to use iPad for recording MIDI using the BEHRINGER UMA25S MIDI Controller

USB Audio MIDI keyboard

The great thing about the UMA25S is that it will run on batteries, helping solve issues associated with the maximum USB power output (20ma) of the iPad camera kit.

If you’re using it with a desktop computer too, you get a software bundle designed to give you enough tools to get you started.

A Sound On Sound magazine review of the UMA25S gives an in depth analysis of the unit.

Specs for the UMA25S are at the Behringer website.

You can buy the UMA25S at Amazon for around £100.

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