Angle view of the iStreamer high quality USB DAC for iPad

If you want to improve the audio output of your iPad, iPhone or iPod. The iStreamer by High Resolution Technologies is a high quality USB DAC for iPad that will enable improved stereo audio output for your iOS device (16-bit at 33, 44.1 or48kHz). Connection can then be made to your stereo system amplifier or powered speakers.

There is no audio input support on the iStreamer.  Instead everything has been concentrated on making a unit to provide a very high quality RCA stereo output.  Which should make listening to your iTunes and movie library a real pleasure.

Unlike the ‘host’ type USB connector on most USB audio interfaces, the iStreamer has a USB connection capable of accommodating the USB socket that you’d usually plug into the wall charger or your computer. Meaning that you can plug it directly into your iOS device.  There’s no need for the Apple camera adapter kit here!

Because it uses its own DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter)instead of the ones in your iPad, the iStreamer is said to significantly improve upon standard audio that comes from the iPhone or iPad headphone socket.

The unit comes packaged with an iOS dock lead (standard USB at one end and a dock connector at the other). It also comes with a cleaver power adapter that charges your iPad whilst the iStreamer unit is connected (a special USB to micro USB lead is provided to connect the iStreamer to the dual socket USB power supply).  So listening to your music at higher quality won’t sap your battery power.

It also comes with a stereo RCA lead to connect to your stereo. It’s housed in a rugged metal casing (which as well as making it robust should also provide a level of protection from electromagnetic interference from other electrical equipment).

If your looking for a simple, compact, but high quality way to squeeze the most out of the audio on your iPhone, iTouch or iPad, then the iStreamer makes a great deal of sense.

It’s becoming particularly popular with applications such as in car stereo systems as well as part of entertainment systems on boats.

Unboxing the iStreamer

Links and further reading

High Resolution Technologies : iStreamer

The iStreamer is available to buy at (read the 5 Star reviews here), or you can check out the High Resolution Technologies reseller page.

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