This year has seen a number of Class Compliant iPad audio interfaces released. Especially now iOS6 is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

One of the companies leading the way is RME which has recently added and extended class compliance to some of its products.

The Fireface UCX and RME Babyface products have both been given added functionality that will be of interest to iPad owners wanting to incorporate iPad into their workflow.

Fireface UCX extends Class Compliance


Front and rear image of the RME Fireface UCX which now incorporates comprehensive iPad audio interface compatibility

Already incorporating an iPad Class Compliant mode (CC mode), the hybrid USB/Firewire RME Fireface UCX audio interface now incorporates extended class compliant operation.  Now adding the ability to access all its 18 channels, with unlimited access to the SPDIF and ADAT functionality.

This makes the UCX a very agile and versatile device for mobile, studio and live recording.

Here’s their press release for the UCX:

One year ago at NAMM RME announced the Fireface UCX. One of the reasons it draw so much attention was the included Class Compliant mode, which turned the UCX into the world’s first professional audio interface for Apple’s iPad™.

Now that Apple officially allows multichannel playback (since iOS 6), the latest iPads got more powerful, and more and more apps support more than 8 channels (or at least have announced to do so soon), RME extends the 8 channel CC mode of the UCX to all existing 18 channels by firmware 220/4. The UCX SPDIF and ADAT I/O can now also be used without limitations.

All information on the UCX Class Compliant mode 


Babyface gets stand-alone and Class Compliant operation



With new downloadable firmware the RME Babyface now includes full iPad audio interface compatibility (with the Apple camera adapter kit).

Also added with the new firmware is a stand alone mode that allows your to use the Babyface as a stand alone mixer without needing to connect it to a host.

Here’s RME’s press release for the Babyface:

RME surprises with an unconventional move, updating its two-year-old portable USB interface with two exciting new features: full USB Audio 2.0 Class Compliance for connection to the iPad™ and a stand-alone mode.

The update is free of charge and can be done by the user with a simple firmware update via USB.

RME already released the new firmware, which adds these two new modes to the unit. From now on the small yet ‘pro’ interface becomes a real all-rounder in both flexibility and features.


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