High performance minimalism coming soon from Focusrite

Scarett 2i2 USB audio interface

With 25 years experience in producing high quality microphone pre-amps and EQs, Focusrite also are a significant player in the marketplace of high performance Firewire and USB audio interfaces.

The Scarlett and Saffire ranges of computer audio devices by Focusrite encompass a complete range of options suitable for all types of musicians and audio professionals with precision audio requirements.

Focusrite are now adding another compact USB audio device to the Scarlett range, aimed at musicians on the go.

The Scarlett 2i2 USB recording interface combines exceptional audio quality with ultimate simplicity and great design.  Essential everything the musician on the go needs, without the clutter.

A robust aluminium unibody chassis design encapsulates two Focusrite microphone preamplifiers and best-in-class digital converters to ensure pristine audio.  A great design touch on this model are the innovative ‘halo’ signal indicators.

Key Features:

  • High‐quality, award‐winning Focusrite mic preamps
  • Anodised aluminium unibody chassis
  • Unique LED‐halo signal indicators
  • Professional‐standard 24‐bit/96kHz digital conversion
  • Direct Monitor function for zero‐latency tracking
  • Powered by USB connection
  • Comes with Focusrite Scarlett plug‐in suite & Ableton Live Lite
The 2i2 isn’t available until October 2011, but is expected to retail at $199 / £119.99.

Lexicon class compliant USB audio compatible with iPad

View of front controls on the Lexicon Omega audio interface

Continuing on from my earlier articles about USB audio interfaces that are compatible with iPad.

I recently found this video on the Lexicon Pro YouTube channel that demonstrates the iPad successfully recording guitar via a Lexicon Omega!

The Lexicon Omega desktop recording studio incorporates an 8-input, 4-Bus, 2-outputs USB audio interface and I/O mixer, with inserts and comes bundled with Cubase LE 4 and Lexicon Pantheon Reverb Plug-In for use on your PC or Mac.

View of audio connections on the Lexicon Omega

You can find out more specs about the Lexicon Omega on the Lexicon Pro website

Lexicon have also put together a webpage about the Omega with iPad and have also produced a PDF of FAQ that may be of interest.

You can buy the Lexicon Omega at Amazon

It would also be interesting to know whether any of the other products in the Lexicon range work as class compliant devices with iPad, if you have any experience with these, please leave a comment below.

iPad audio recording with Behringer devices

Since I wrote this article about recording on iPad,  I’ve noticed there is a fair bit of interest in USB audio interfaces for iPad recording with the Apple Camera Kit.

But it’s far from clear which devices will work and which will not.

Until I found this article about the Behringer UMA25S MIDI keyboard (which also has an integrated audio interface) being successfully used to record both MIDI and Audio on the iPad.

Intrigued by this, I decided to do a bit more research.

It seems that there are number of Behringer audio and MIDI devices that work very well with the iPad.

Among the other Behringer devices that work are the UFO202 USB interface, 1204 USB mixer and C-1U USB microphone.

Although it does appear from the video below that most current Behringer audio/MIDI products are USB audio and MIDI ‘Class Compliant’ devices.

Behringer have even made a set of videos to show how easy it is.

Read on to find out more.

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