There are many USB microphones on the market, but there aren’t many that are capable of operating with both a USB and XLR connection.

Front image of the sE Electronics USB2200A USB and XLR large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone

If you have been looking for a mic that bridges the gap between USB and XLR, then you may want to take a look a the sE Electronics USB2200A condenser mic.

Based on the original SE2200A, which is now discontinued the USB2200A. It has all the features you’d expect to see on a pro grade large diaphragm condenser such as 10dB pad and bass cut. But it also has a few other tricks to boast

As well as zero latency headphone monitoring, mix control for the playback/record path, it can feed the analogue and USB connections simultaneously.

It also incorporates a proprietary chip and software set designed to deal with capsule noise generated when transforming the 5v power supply via USB to power the capsule. It essentially strips out noise and spikes generated by the USB connection, ensuring this is not then present and amplified along with whatever sound your trying to capture.

The USB chip set also delivers true plug and play operation, requiring no additional driver installation, automatically configuring the mic upon connection to your host computer.

If you’ve been wondering which way to go, USB or XLR. The USB2200A offers a pro grade large diaphragm mic that doesn’t make you choose. Even when you’re recording.

It’s just the kind of mic versatile enough to be there when you need it for podcasting or recording with your computer. But will also suit a range of more general studio recording purposes.

For my money, it’s a winner!

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