Yamaha has introduced 3 additions to its THR USB guitar amp range.

As well as the THR5 and THR10, there’s now also the THR5A, THR10C and THR10X to choose from.

Yamaha's complete range of THR USB guitar amps

Each new model has a distinctive paint job and new customised amp simulations designed to suit playing styles including rock, metal, country, jazz, blues, and acoustic.

Here are the additions to the THR range of USB guitar amps


1. THR10X – High-Gain Stacks

Angle view of the Yamaha THR10X High-Gain Stacks USB guitar amp

The Yamaha THR10X is styled with a distinctive camouflage green paint job.  But don’t accidentally leave it in a hedge, because you may not find it again!

It gives access to ‘extreme high-gain stack’ amp simulations on your desktop.

Aimed at the guitarist who want to acuratly recreate the sound and feel of combo stacks at home, it’s suitable for music styles from rock to metal.

Compact and portable, yet powerful.  This amp could be just what’s needed to get you practicing your stadium grade guitar skills at home.  The THR10X boasts a big sound without large footprint or price tag of a full combo stack.

The new amp simulations baked in to this model are: POWER I, POWER II, BROWN I, BROWN II, SOUTHERN HI, CLEAN, BASS and FLAT.

View of amp simulation controls for the Yamaha THR10X high gain stack USB guitar amp

2. THR10C – Blues, Jazz and Country

Front side angle view of the Yamaha THR10C Blues, Jazz and Country USB guitar amp

With it’s classy metallic dark navy blue paint job, the Yamaha THR10C provides a set of carefully modeled boutique combo and vintage amp simulations.  Each designed to give the decerning player a set of amp simulations suitable for ‘picking’ styles of playing.

Amp simulations on offer from the THR10C are Deluxe, Class A, US Blues, Mini, Bass, Acoustic and Flat.

Amp simulation settings for the Yamaha THR10C Blues, Jazz and Country USB guitar amp

3. THR5A – Acoustic

Front side angle view of the Yamaha THR5A Acoustic USB guitar amp

The Yamaha THR5A has been tailored to recreate the sound of a fully miked up acoustic guitar.  But in a unit with a compact foot print ideal for using at home, or out and about.

Borrowing its distinctive gold looks and amp simulation inspiration from the original Yamaha AG Stomp Box (sadly now a discontinued product).

Above image of the controls of the Yamaha AG Stomp box guitar mic simulation unit

Pictured here, these are CONDENSER, DYNAMIC, TUBE, NYLON and EG CLN.

Mic simulation control settings for the Yamaha THR5A Acoustic USB guitar amp

The real difficulty now is choosing which one you want!

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